Taking Gym Classes Outside Due to Coronavirus


There might be a solution you have not thought about yet if you think about all the numerous options as to how you could respond to the COVID-19 epidemic taking your gym classes or personal training appointments outside your house. Even though the choice might not work for everyone, it is essential to check any municipal government, logistical, or some weather related restrictions, especially if your city has sheltered in place restrictions.

Where to Go

There are numerous parks and open spaces that remain open for public use. You might be able to find one where you can hold a training session outside. Bear in mind that every city is different, and you are going to be required to check with your local government for their recommendations, permitting restrictions, and class size restrictions.

If a park does not work out for you, take the first three parking spots in front of the gymnasium and turn it into a mini classroom. Every session allows a small group of people to work out while maintaining a six-foot space as per the social distancing requirements.

What to Take

Keep it extremely simple. Just focus on your full body and bodyweight movements that do not really require a lot of equipment. If you do decide to use the equipment, think about assigning every person with specific equipment to limit the exposure. It is also important to remember to have strict cleaning protocols in place.

Other Things to Consider

Communicate With Your Customers

If you decide to offer an outdoor fitness group spin class, it is really important to communicate it with your clients. After all, there is simply no point in providing a class that no one comes to. Post everything on your social media accounts and also send emails to your clients using Marketing Suite to ensure they know that there are classes available for booking. If you are changing locations, make sure that your members know where to go.

Set Up Your Software for Success

Moreover, ensure that you have updated your software to reflect how many individuals are allowed to attend the classes based upon the local government’s guidance, for instance, lower than ten people. You can use the waitlist feature to help others get alerts if a spot opens up. Once you do decide to hold classes outdoors, you might want to think about offering a live stream version of your classes also. This is going to help you at risk clients to join the workout from their homes too.

Check with Your Business Advisors

Before you take the final call to take it outside, it is advised that you check with your business advisors as well as legal professionals. Understand that training is an escape for every single thing that has been swirling in the news. Take time out and ensure what you are doing is best for your business.

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