In agreeing to join as a members of FIIT Fitness Studio. I agree to the following

  1. I acknowledge my participation and joining FIIT Fitness Studio is completely voluntary
  2. I understand the potential risk in the exercise program
  3. I acknowledge that I must be referred by an affiliate company, a member of FIIT Fitness Studio or FIIT Fitness Studio in order to use any discount code.
  4. I acknowledge that I can only use a specific discount code given to me by an affiliate company, a member of FIIT Fitness Studio or FIIT Fitness Studio
  5. If referred by an affiliate business, I acknowledge that the affiliate discounted rate/code is only applicable so long I am or continue to stay as a member with the affiliate company that referred me to FIIT Fitness Studio.
  6. I acknowledge that I will be required to pay full membership price without any applied discount with FIIT Fitness Studio should I give up my membership, employment or gainful association with the my affiliate company that referred me to use the specific affiliate membership discount code.
  7. I have been truthful with FIIT Fitness Studio about how I obtain this discounted code. If applicable, that I am a member with an affiliate company associated with this specific discount code I’ve used or will use to receive any discounts.
  8. I acknowledge if I use an affiliated discount code associated with a specific affiliate and I am not an associated member of that company I will be charged for all months and years I used such discount code to obtain discount reserved for that affiliate and its members.
  9. I have read FIIT Fitness Studio Policy Terms and Agreement
  10. I agree to all policy Terms and Agreement to include Non Refund policy, FIIT Fitness Studio fitness waiver and I agree to all automatic Direct Debit from my provided payment source.