FIIT Success Guid. Self guide to healthy body change.

FIIT Fitness Success Guide


Product Description

The FIIT fitness Success Guide is a Precision Nutrition System, a comprehensive resource our clients used as a self pace guide to supplement the expense of nutrition coaching by a nutritionalist. This guide includes the following to give you the best chance to see your results.

It contains 11 separate sections that include:

  • help clients start with the right mindset
  • choosing the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts
  • planing healthy menus, even during busy weeks (for instance, with our 5-Minute Meal Guide)
  • how to improve meal quality with “nutrition hacks” like Super Shakes
  • tailoring menus to dietary preferences (for instance, with our Plant-Based Diet Guide or the Individualization Guide)
  • how to track progress or maintain a routine once goals have been achieved

This FIIT Fitness Success guide makes your journey more enjoyable and less stressful.

  • You get a beautifully designed, hardcopy, a go-to reference to start your journey toward making change and taking control of your own health and fitness.
  • FIIT will provide email support, accountability, direction and coaching that is needed.


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