How to Motivate Clients for Home Workouts


Some individuals believe that getting and then staying in shape is the biggest motivating factor. However, it is your job as a personal trainer to keep all your clients 100% motivated to workout at homes during this lockdown. Following are some of the best online personal training tips to help drive your clients.

Use a Fitness Management Software

There are several different tools available online which have been especially designed to help trainers motivate individuals in less time. Using personal coaching software helps personal trainers build competent training and nutritional plans. Since these applications are also available on their smartphone, it makes it all the easier for clients to feel motivated and to follow through by setting goals and quick wins. However, all the more importantly, this software also allows the trainers to receive immediate client feedback, helping them refine their services down the road.

Help Your Clients Set Long Term and Short Term Goals

Just being active physically or consuming a healthy diet are definitely not goals in themselves. Nobody simply wants to be active. To be active actually means living a long and healthy life, looking better, and weighing less. These are the actual concrete goals of maintaining your fitness. This is precisely why you must set up both long and short term goals with your clients. It is extremely easy to set a long-term goal of losing 40 pounds of fat or gaining 10 pounds of muscle; what most of us do not realize is that these goals often take a long time to achieve. It is better to have your client set short term goals, for instance, losing 4 pounds by the end of the month.

Talk to Your Clients

Failing to develop a personal bond with their clients is a mistake, most personal trainers tend to make. If you believe your client is feeling a little down, talk to them about it. Find out why they are feeling the way they are feeling. Motivate them. Remind them of the reasons as to why they joined these classes in the first place. With the corona virus, we all need a little bit of positivity every now and then. As trainers for weight loss, you must become a positive chip on their shoulders.

Stay Positive

If you are into Personal Training in Oklahoma City, it should go without saying that you should always be positive. Nonetheless, we all have our bad days every now and then. This could become one of the hardest aspects you have to deal with as a trainer, yet it is essential always to remain positive so that your clients can feed off your positive energy!

Make All Your Workout Sessions Fun

Yes, we all know that workouts are supposed to be tough, but that does not mean they cannot be fun as well! It will become extremely difficult for you to keep your clients happy and motivated if they are miserable every time they train with you. Along with remaining upbeat in every session, which by the way, is extremely contagious, try to develop varied workout plans. This ensures that each workout has an excellent peak and end. Continuously look for new and innovative through which you can make your online sessions all the more interesting!

We hope our tips will help you motivate your clients when it comes to working out at home. The coronavirus is not going anywhere anytime soon, so let’s make the best of what we have at home!

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